Amber Heard: Again in court?

Amber brought Pistol and Boo to Australia illegally during the now notorious marriage

Jun 30, 2022 - 15:01
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Amber Heard: Again in court?

After a dramatic trial with her ex-husband Johnny Depp, from whom she eventually lost, and now after everything, as she says, "she has to pay him the money she doesn't have", Amber Heard may have to go to court once again - because of her dogs. Namely, she brought Pistol and Boo to Australia illegally during the now notorious marriage, and this country is still investigating accusations of perjury against the actress in the case that started in 2015.

The Department of Agriculture, Water, and Environment is investigating allegations of Heard's perjury during the court proceedings in 2015 for the illegal import of her two dogs to Australia” - said the spokesman of the local Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Environment. Yorkshire Terriers, let us remind you, did not pass customs and adhered to a ten-day quarantine. Amber was charged in July of the same year with illegally importing animals, but after pleading guilty in court to forging passports, the case was closed.

However, the mentioned spokesman emphasized that "the department is trying to get the statements of witnesses and after receiving them, the director of the public prosecutor of the Commonwealth will consider whether the evidence is sufficient to justify the continuation of the case."

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By the way, according to a well-informed source from OK Magazine, the actress will write a book from which she hopes to profit, and in which she will tell, once again, her side of the story. “Amber considers her career in Hollywood over. She is already in negotiations for the book and is excited about it. At this moment, he has nothing to lose and he wants to tell everything” - the source said.

On the other hand, lawyers think that by publishing this book, Amber could face potential lawsuits again. “She should be very careful. If she crosses the border, which is likely, there is no doubt that she will be hit by another defamation lawsuit and end up in court immediately.” By the way, the actress' representatives for the media did not confirm or deny the articles about the book.

Post by: Rinna James