Bruce Willis and Mike Tyson: Vendetta

It is a classic action thriller

Aug 9, 2022 - 15:00
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Bruce Willis and Mike Tyson: Vendetta

We can see what it looks like when a super action hero like Bruce Willis and the best boxer of all time Mike Tyson are in the same movie in the movie "Vendetta". It is a classic action thriller in which the main plot revolves around revenge and one of the last films of Bruce Willis, who has officially retired. The film can be seen in some US cinemas.

The film received mostly bad reviews, and in the world magazine "Variety", Rene Rodriguez wrote, "the number of corpses in the film is constantly increasing, as well as implausibility along with boredom".

The film is mostly criticized for not bringing anything new, as well as not being much different from the many action thrillers that have been filmed so far. However, how can you resist and not watch a movie in which Bruce Willis and Mike Tyson appear together?

By the way, the series about Mike Tyson will premiere on August 25 on Hulu. The series will have eight episodes and will follow the ups and downs of the legendary boxer. According to Hulu, the series will "examine the American class and race system, fame and power of the media, misogyny, the distribution of wealth, the promise of the American dream, and the role of society in shaping the story of Mike Tyson."

Mike Tyson's life was full of ups and downs. Tyson was known for his savage and intimidating style of boxing, as well as his controversial behavior in and out of the ring. He is in sixth place for the length of holding the title of the absolute champion in the super heavyweight category, with eight defenses in a row.

He was accused of rape for which he was imprisoned for six years. He managed to regain the world title in 1995, but lost it again in 1997, to Evander Holyfield, to whom he bit off part of the ear, in a rematch in 1997.

Post by: Rinna James