Caitlyn Jenner was kicked out of the restaurant

Although she has had a great collaboration with the restaurant where she often stays , Caitlyn Jenner could not lunched there these days.

Dec 14, 2021 - 17:25
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Caitlyn Jenner was kicked out of the restaurant

Reality star Caitlyn Jenner, who was born as Bruce Jenner, was unlucky when she wanted to have lunch at the restaurant of the hotel where she was staying.

Namely, Caitlyn complained on her Instagram profile that the staff of the restaurant located in Beverly Hills does not want to serve her because of the torn jeans she was wearing.

 F****you and your horrible favor when you didn't let me have lunch with this little hole in my jeans. Shame on you. Disgusting ', Jenner wrote on social media and attached a photo of her jeans.

' I have been your patron for decades. I will not be anymore ', added Caitlyn in her announcement.

In addition, the reality star later quoted TMZ as saying that the hotel where she was not served 'requires decent training from guests, so they should refrain from wearing hats, torn clothes, tops, swimsuits, and sleeveless men. shirts'.

Caitlyn pointed out that it is interesting that they wrote that they demand it, but that they do not ban certain clothes. They wrote that the hotel staff imposed rules for dressing reality stars.

Recall, Caitlin Jenner is currently the most famous transgender woman who speaks openly about it and fights for the rights of transgender people.

Born as Bruce Jenner, Caitlyn received the most attention because of her marriage to Kris Jenner and the reality show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ that followed their lives and the various adventures they went through.

An interview with Diana Sawyer in April 2015 shocked the world when Caitlyn first declared herself a transgender person and admitted that she had struggled with her identity from an early age.

Caitlin reportedly took hormone therapy and dressed like a woman, but stopped when her relationship with Kris became serious in the early ’90s. According to her, Chris knew about it and allowed her to do what she wanted on trips when she was alone, but not when they were together.

Other members of the Kardashian family also said a few years ago that they had seen Bruce secretly wearing women's clothing on several occasions.