Cardi B and Offset gift $50K to daughter Kulture for 4th birthday

The singer shocked the public with a gift for little Kulture

Jul 13, 2022 - 10:13
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Cardi B and Offset gift $50K to daughter Kulture for 4th birthday

Singer Cardi B and her husband Offset made sure their daughter Kulture had a lavish fourth birthday party, and what's more unusual is the gift. The couple gifted their little girl a total of $50,000 in cash, even though she probably has no idea about money. The proud dad boasted about this moment on Instagram. Little Kulture is sitting in the car by the window while holding a pile of money in her hands.

What is that?” - asked Offset while he was recording everything, and she answered: “Ticket!” (a term meaning a million dollars). “The ticket is a million, girl” - he answered and added that it was 50,000 dollars. “Say, 50!” Cardi B's husband insisted while Kulture looked at the bundle of money with a smile.

Let us remind you that last year the married couple also shocked the world public when they gave their daughter an expensive "Hermès Birkin" handbag for her third birthday. 

The price of the handbag on the market was around 50,000 dollars at that time. In order to make it look perfect, Cardi worked with designers for weeks on its look. Just placing the 30,000 colored crystals took approximately 100 hours of work.

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It may seem to you that Cardi B suddenly came on the scene and ruled with her booming voice and provocative lyrics, but not everything is as it seems. Her rap is based on facts from a life that was not easy at all. Like many stars, Cardi B went through a thorny road to shine in front of the audience today.

Cardi B is known today as one of the best female rappers in the world. We all know that the situation on the stage is very changeable, but Cardi B decided to keep her throne as best she can! She has no intention of stopping, and has many projects in the pipeline waiting to see the light of day!

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