Christina Aguilera's new album!

Christina Aguilera assures that she wanted to do something that would show how proud she is of her Latin side, her ancestors.

Jan 25, 2022 - 17:49
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Christina Aguilera's new album!

Christina Aguilera released a new album in honor of the memories that she has of her grandparents, flavors, and colors of Ecuador, in addition to the Spanish language and Latin music and her Latin roots.

"Those are the sounds of my childhood," Aguilera said in an exclusive interview with the Los Angeles Times. She released her album in Spanish whose name is "La Fuerza", the first part of the "creative wonder" that sparked the need to do something different in music, the need to share those memories with all.

"I wanted to do something that would show them that I am proud of my Latin side, I love the strength that this part of my life gave to mi, my ancestors, and my culture," explained the singer born in Staten Island, New York.

The result was a three-part project that the 41-year-old star promises to deliver to her fans throughout 2022.

Since the end of last year, Christina has been sharing part of the content of “La Fuerza”, beginning with “Pa Mis Muchachas”. 

“We chose 'Pa Mis Muchachas' as the first single because it was the perfect song to show that strength that Latin women have,” explained Xtina, and she played this song live last November with her collaborators and those are Becky G, Natti Natasha, and Nicki Nicole, during the delivery of the Latin Grammys.

On that occasion, Aguilera was on stage alongside three talented exponents of the urban genre, who currently occupy first place on the most popular music platforms. “It was an experience that reminded me that Latin fans love everything. I was very thankful for the way in which the Spanish-speaking artistic community and the public received me with open arms, with great affection, and with great appreciation for all my work, " she said. The video of the song now has 22 million views on YouTube and the song is the third most listened to on Spotify.

Then came " Somos Nada" and now "Santo", the single that was also on the album. On this single, she collaborated with Ozuna. "It was great to work with him," Aguilera commented.

There were two left to surprise the public and for many, they will be the most precious songs in an exquisitely produced album in which even the urban themes exhibit a sophistication rarely seen in the genre.

"When I made the decision to do the project in Spanish, I decided that I didn't want to do it like with the albums in English, I didn't want to receive songs in English and translate them," Aguilera said. With the approval of Sony Music, she went to Miami for several weeks, and there the songs were originally generated in Spanish. She explored different rhythms, colors, and instruments for them. “I worked with generous executives and artists and they were a big support for me and all my ideas. It was much more difficult to do it this way, without being in full command of the language, but I definitely didn't regret it. I am very happy and proud of the result”, she assured.

It wasn't always like this. In her early childhood, her world was Latino. "I grew up with my Ecuadorian grandparents, and I spent a lot of time with them and at their house," she recalled. Soap operas on television and Latin music were always around her. "The spirit of my album is the strength of Chavela Vargas, one of my idols," she said. Also from that early childhood came the decision to include the ballad “Como yo”, in which the 'main instrument' was her famous voice. It is a subject that moves and impresses.

For her, “hiding parts of myself to satisfy others was also past. These songs are proof that we have to defend our essence. It is part of the lesson for my children, how significant is to be authentic, and it is also a hug for that young woman who refused to change her last name, Aguilera, to make my name easier for the Anglo public, " she concluded.