How to make your home smell like a 5-star hotel

The scent of the room should match the interior

Jul 26, 2022 - 11:12
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How to make your home smell like a 5-star hotel

Did you know that smell is the sense that is most closely related to our memory? All those who have read the novels of Marcel Proust know that smells can trigger memories and bring us back to a certain moment that we have suppressed or completely forgotten about.

The psychology of smell is also known by luxury hotels that spend huge amounts of money to design special combinations of smells that will awaken certain emotions in us. They know that precisely because of the smell, we will come back next season or we will pay a few more nights because the hotel smells particularly nice to us.

Why does it smell wonderful in luxury hotels? 

We don't even notice this marketing trick at first, but numerous studies have shown that smells can affect us, our emotions, and the amount of money we will spend there. Experts know that scents can be combined with the interior, lighting, brands, and other details to create a perfect environment in which we will feel relaxed and satisfied.

For example, if the hotel is located in the forest, you will notice smells associated with nature, calmness, relaxation, clean air, and solitude. If, for example, the hotel is located in the city center and business people come there, the experts will make sure that the scents energize their guests and encourage their creativity and productivity.

Fragrance combinations for a perfect atmosphere 

One of the hotels that are recognizable by the atmosphere it creates with the help of scents is London's Mandarin Oriental Hotel & Spa in Hyde Park. They combine sandalwood, floral jasmine, and musk to create the hotel's signature scent. This combination of scents is also put in candles so that guests can take part of the atmosphere with them.

Some other combinations that you will feel in luxury hotels are lemon, laurel, and green tea which encourage creative relaxation. Classic aromatherapy in gyms and spas includes rosemary, calendula, lavender, and aloe vera, while white tea, vanilla, and woody cedar are the perfect combination for romantic nights in the bedroom.

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How to paint your home with the scents of luxury hotels?

You can easily prepare the scent combinations we talked about yourself and turn your home into a luxury hotel where every room will have its own fragrant atmosphere. Keep in mind that the perfume you normally use may not smell the same in the air and on your skin. The scent of the room should match the interior, so if your living room is decorated in a lighter shade, let the fragrance tones be lighter and more diluted.

What smells should we avoid in the home?

Heavy floral and fruity scents, such as strawberry, peach, or banana, do not fit into any interior, according to experts. The smell should be subtle, which would mean that we should not smell it the whole time we are in the room, but when we enter the room and just after. On the other hand, it should be so intense that we feel it every time we enter the room.

Post by: Rinna James