HTC is introducing its Viverse smartphone very soon

This strange name of this model can on the one hand thank both the turn and the focus on VR and AR features.

Jun 15, 2022 - 17:25
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HTC is introducing its Viverse smartphone very soon

That is, one of its main tasks will be to bring virtual reality to the smartphone market. Yet many of us will immediately say that this is the first model of HTC smartphone after many years, and the scale of expectations will be set high.

What we have to say and for now we know is how the designer HTC Viverse will rely on its predecessors. Thus, HTC shows that even today, when we return it to 2023, they still go with a proven formula that they have been "ironing" for years.

Whether users and the market will approve of this, or whether it will also meet with a lot of resentment and criticism, we will certainly see soon. As we said in the title, HTC plans to present its Viverse smartphone very soon, on June 28, 2022.

Although so far there are no rumors about the hardware and software side, some Internet sources say that the HTC Viverse will largely rely upon (based) the HTC Exodus 1 smartphone, which has not really come to life on the market.

HTC Exodus was introduced back in 2017 and its main focus should have been crypto-mania. That is, mining and earning cryptocurrencies.

At the time, features such as a 6 ”screen with Quad-HD resolution were mentioned. Snapdragon 845 (we are convinced that it will now be Snapdragon in the flagship offer), 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory.

The cameras themselves then brought resolutions of 12MP and 16MP and what is extremely special and interesting is the dual-selfie camera with 8MP resolutions. Let's say once again that in 2017 it was the HTC Exodus, and the HTC Viverse will surely follow its lead (that's how it is said).

On the software side, it is rumored that HTC could present its version of the mobile operating system with the desire to integrate this VR and AR on smartphones as well as possible.

We will see how it will all look together on June 28, 2022. but we’re looking forward to HTC returning to the smartphone market even though it’s hard to believe it can achieve market results like it did in the years when it was “at the top”.