Jennifer Lopez wears Sheer Dress to 'Halftime' Premiere

The Jennifer Lopez documentary “Halftime” kicked off the 21st Tribeca Festival.

Jun 9, 2022 - 11:38
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Jennifer Lopez wears Sheer Dress to 'Halftime' Premiere

A documentary about Jennifer Lopez, “Halftime”, opened the 21st Tribeca Festival. The intimate portrait of the singer and her life behind the scenes was filmed during the year when she turned 50, when she had her Super Bowl performance, and when she narrowly missed out on an Oscar nomination. So, the year that was a turning point for this beautiful woman.

The premiere of this Netflix documentary was the perfect introduction to the festival, which dropped the word ‘film’ from its name this year, so great films and series await us during the festival days. In addition, Jennifer was a good choice to start the festival, because the girl from the Bronx returned the festival exactly where it belongs, on the streets of New York.

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‘Halftime’ director Amanda Micheli hopes that the documentary, which will be premiered after the festival on June 14 on Netflix, will present a new - sometimes vulnerable Jennifer. "I had the impression that Jennifer was a glamorous woman, and then, when I met her, I thought - this woman is a world-class athlete. The way she handles life and the way she works shows how strong she is. She is a real fighter", said the director.

The film shows everything we don't see on the red carpet, so the moment when the journalist asks Jennifer a question is filmed, that is, he asks her to comment on her own ass. And that very question is proof that this woman has had to invest a lot of effort throughout her life, to show that she is more than a beautiful woman. To have attitude, to have personal struggles, and that beauty should not be a reason for prejudice.

"The way the media treated her is a little crazy. Watch a video of people talking about her ass. I didn't understand until I met her how it really affected her. To feel like a person whose talent people question, and only because of looks. She had to work twice as hard as anyone else to prove herself," said the director. And Jennifer appeared at the premiere in a tight black nude dress. And yes, she looks beautiful, and she shouldn't hide it.