Kate Middleton shone in white!

The Duchess of Cambridge shone in white when she arrived at Westminster Abbey with her husband, Prince William, to celebrate Anzac Day.

Apr 27, 2022 - 17:04
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Kate Middleton shone in white!

The Duchess of Cambridge shone in white when she arrived at Westminster Abbey with her husband, Prince William, to celebrate Anzac Day.

Kate Middleton, 40, wore a white dress with an Alexander McQueen coat for the occasion, pairing a stunning piece with Princess Diana’s ‘Collingwood’ earrings. The most attention was drawn to the matching Jane Taylor hairband with a large satin bow at the back.

A mother of three, known for her love of high street brands and repeating her outfits, she wore this dress for the christening of her daughter, Princess Charlotte in 2015. Meanwhile, her makeup was as neutral as ever, opting for a little blush and a black eyeliner.

Kate is closely associated with Alexander McQueen and has often worn British fashion house designs on significant occasions. The most famous was the impressive wedding dress at the royal wedding in 2011.

Recall, the son of Kate Middleton and Prince William, Prince Louis celebrated his fourth birthday.

In addition to the birthday, Kate and William had another reason to celebrate last Saturday. Namely, their older son, Prince George, celebrated his name day. Interestingly, just before the announcement of her last pregnancy (with Prince Louis), it was learned that William and Kate had been warned not to have more children. The couple was touring Poland and Germany in late 2017 when Kate received a baby toy while visiting Warsaw.

Given the fact that Prince George was four at the time and Princess Charlotte two, meaning none of them would benefit from baby toys, Kate turned to Prince William and said, ‘We’re just going to have to have more kids’.

While most would consider this a completely innocent comment, an organization called ‘Having Kids’ spoke shortly afterward ‘respectfully’ asking the Duke of Cambridge to ‘consider giving up a third child’.In an open letter, Anne Green CEO Carter Dillard said the 'example set by the British royal family is extremely influential', adding that they have the power to 'make a sustainable small family'.