Kevin Spacey must pay $31M

The company MRC sued the actor because they claim that they lost a significant amount of income by firing him

Aug 5, 2022 - 05:26
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Kevin Spacey must pay $31M

Actor Kevin Spacey (62), winner of two Oscars, will have to pay almost 31 million dollars to the production company MRC, which fired him from the set of the series "House of Cards" in 2017, due to accusations of sexual abuse, the court in the USA decided after his appeal was rejected.

MRC sued Spacey because with his dismissal they lost a significant amount of income brought to them by the series that dealt with political intrigues in Washington.

Five years ago, Spacey's career was abruptly ended due to a series of allegations of sexual abuse, so the producers had to change the plot of the sixth season of "House of Cards".

Back in 2020, the court ruled in favor of the production company, judging that Spacey's behavior violated the rules of the contract, to which the actor appealed, but that appeal was rejected.

Spacey has been charged in Britain with five offenses that took place between 2005 and 2013 - four counts of sexual assault by touching and a more serious charge of causing a person to perform a sexually penetrative act without consent. Last month it was agreed that the trial will take place on June 6 next year. In the series "House of Cards" he played the character of unscrupulous politician Frank Underwood.

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By the way, British Channel 4 is currently working on a documentary that will deal with the rise and fall of the famous actor and Oscar winner Kevin Spacey. The two-part documentary series "Spacey Unmasked" will deal with his career, from his beginnings on Broadway, through his status as a big movie star, to accusations of sexual harassment and abuse.

The director will be Kira Phillips, and the first part will appear after both trials are over, one in New York, due to the lawsuits of the actor Anthony Rapp, and the other in Great Britain, due to the accusations of three men.

 Post by: Rinna James