NEW: "Doom Patrol" season 4 on HBO Max!

On December 8, the first two episodes will premiere on HBO Max, and then the classic recipe of one episode per week will follow until the first week of 2023.

Dec 7, 2022 - 06:12
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NEW: "Doom Patrol" season 4 on HBO Max!

"Doom Patrol" is a popular American superhero television series based on the DC Comics superhero team of the same name. It was created by Jeremy Carver. The "Doom Patrol" series is focused on the heroes of the titular team, who all gained their superhuman abilities through tragic events.

The first season of the series premiered on the DC Universe streaming service on February 15, 2019. Until this day, three seasons of the series have been released. The second season is available on both, DC Universe and HBO Max, and the third season is only available on HBO Max

In case you didn't watch DC's "Doom Patrol" series, you should definitely change that. The holidays are coming, it's winter outside, and if you're looking for a new obsession, then we definitely recommend "The Doom Patrol" series. No, these are not classic superheroes and the series is a welcome, wacky refresher.

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The fourth season is knocking on the door. The new season of the series is divided into two parts. On December 8, the first two episodes will premiere on HBO Max, and then the classic recipe of one episode per week will follow until the first week of 2023. The second part of the six-episode season is expected later that year.

The upcoming season begins with the team's unexpected trip to the future where they are in for an unwanted surprise. Faced with inevitable doom, the Doom Patrol must decide once and for all what is more important: their own happiness or the fate of the world?

Starring actors in this season are Matt Bomer (Larry Trainor), Matthew Zuk (Negative Man), April Bowlby (Rita Farr), Michelle Gomez (Madame Rouge), Brendan Fraser (Cliff Steele), Riley Shanahan (Robotman), Jovian Wade (Cyborg)  and Mark Sheppard (Willoughby).

It is not yet known whether we will get a fifth season of the Doom Patrol series, because HBO Max and Warner Bros TV didn't decide yet. The "Doom Patrol" series is constantly followed by a positive buzz and a very good viewership, which is the main factor of a potential renewal for the new season.


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