Nick Cave: "This song is bullshit!"

"It is an act of suicide that destroys everything we tried to produce in the past," said the famous musician.

Jan 18, 2023 - 05:23
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Nick Cave: "This song is bullshit!"

Nick Cave, a famous musician and singer-songwriter, in his newsletter called Red Hand Files, responded to a song created by ChatGPT artificial intelligence.

"With all the love and respect in the world, this song is bullshit, a grotesque mockery of what it means to be human and I don't really like it," he wrote.

Although he thanked a fan from New Zealand and confirmed that a dozen other fans had sent him different songs designed through ChatGPT, he said he didn't feel the same enthusiasm for the technology.

"I understand that ChatGPT is in the beginning stages, but maybe it is the new horror of artificial intelligence - the fact that it will forever be in the beginning, because it will always have to go as far and forward as possible, always as fast as possible," explained Cave.

'I am a sinner '

This artificial intelligence can be directed to mimic the style of certain individuals, so Mark used it to create a song in the style of Nick Cave. In the end, the song's contrived chorus read: "I am a sinner, I am a saint. I am darkness, I am light. I am the hunter, I am the prey. I am the devil, I am the savior."

He called ChatGPT an exercise in parody-style replication and emphasized that writing a good song is not mimicry or replication, but quite the opposite.

" It is an act of suicide that destroys everything we tried to produce in the past. It is these dangerous, heart-stopping "departures" that catapult an artist beyond the boundaries of what he or she recognizes as themselves," Nick added.

" It is a confrontation with one's own vulnerability, one's danger and one's smallness, opposed to the feeling of a sudden shocking discovery. It is a redemptive act of art that moves the listener's heart, where the listener recognizes within the song their own blood, their own struggle and their own suffering," Cane added.


He also referred to the future brought about by the development of artificial intelligence such as ChatGPT, stating that it cannot be reversed or slowed down.

" Who can even say what will be at the end? Judging by this 'Nick Cave-esque' song, it's not looking good. The apocalypse is on its way. This song is bullshit," he repeated.

Nick Cave is currently writing songs for a new album with the band Bad Seeds, so he explained that maybe that makes him sound like he's taking the whole situation a little too personally.


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