Princess Charlene did not appear at Rose Ball

Princess Charlene did not appear at this year's Rose Ball in Monte Carlo.

Jul 12, 2022 - 09:00
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Princess Charlene did not appear at Rose Ball

The Monegasque family's annual gathering in Monte Carlo, the Rose Ball, was attended by a host of guests, including Prince Albert, Princess Caroline of Hanover and her daughter Charlotte Casiraghi, 35, along with Princess Alexandra, 22. But Princess Charlene, 44, did not appear at the event and the family has not yet announced the reason for her absence. 

Princess Alexandra shone in a stunning white and red chiffon ball gown, and her sister Charlotte Casiraghi (35) was in a pale pink dress. Princess Caroline opted for a black dress with a pattern and pearls, and she gathered her hair in an elegant updo.

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The Rose Ball was first organized by Princess Grace of Monaco in 1954 and currently is hosted by Prince Albert II and Princess Caroline of Hanover. Let us remind you that the 'saddest princess' spent more than a year away from the lens and public eye, and the reason was her health condition. She received treatment in South Africa and Switzerland, and You magazine revealed that the princess suffered a serious epileptic seizure between two sinus surgeries last summer.

She recently published her digital portrait, and it is about the NFT collection made by the artist Junaid Sénéchal-Senekal for the princess's foundation that helps children in the Republic of South Africa.

In the post, she thanked the artist for putting his heart and soul into the creation, and although the princess expressed her satisfaction with the work, her fans are once again worried about her.

Namely, in this unusual portrait, the princess's face is broken into squares, so it looks as if she is behind prison bars.'I'm sorry for your sadness', 'Be good Princess Charlene', 'This says a lot' , 'I want to make you a little happier' and 'I don't like seeing you like that, behind bars' ,  are just some of the comments.

A few days ago, she and Prince Albert celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary, and on her profile, she posted a photo with her husband with a short message: "Happy anniversary" and added a heart emoticon. While she wore a long, light blue dress, the prince chose a classic suit and white shirt.

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