Samuel L. Jackson is Hollywood's most profitable actor

Jul 13, 2022 - 12:17
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Samuel L. Jackson is Hollywood's most profitable actor

In a study conducted by TicketSource, the lifetime box office earnings of Hollywood's biggest actors in America over the past 25 years were calculated to see who was the most profitable.

With a total of $5.7 billion from 63 films, Samuel L. Jackson was named the most profitable actor in Hollywood. Robert Downey Jr. is in second place with 5.4 billion from 43 films, followed by Scarlett Johansson with 5.2 billion from 32 films. In addition to them, Tom Hanks, Bradley Cooper, Harrison Ford, Chris Evans, Tom Cruise, Chris Hemsworth, and Zoe Saldana are in the top ten.

As for the highest grossing average for their films, Leonardo DiCaprio topped the list with $97.5 million at the box office for each of his films. Angela Bassett is second with an average of $97.1 million, followed by Jim Carrey with $96.4 million.

In 1948, a boy named Samuel LeRoy Jackson was born in one of the families in Washington, practically on Christmas Day (December 21). The big city did not bring happiness to the young parents - the father started drinking, and soon he went to Kansas City in search of work, where he later died of alcoholism. As a result, his wife Elizabeth with a small child moved to the state of Tennessee, closer to her relatives. Here, in the industrial city of Chattanooga, Samuel's childhood passed. A strong shock was that he placed his mother in a psychiatric hospital, after which his grandparents took care of their grandson. A little shy because of his constant stuttering, the boy studied all the time and loved learning music. He chose two instruments to play in the school orchestra: the trumpet and the French trumpet.

After graduating from school with a good certificate in school subjects, Samuel chose the profession of an architect for himself and went to Atlanta. Morehouse College Atlanta took Jackson to the Faculty of Architecture, where he studied until 1972. The first thing the student did was sign up with a local speech therapist to get rid of his stutter. Then he transferred to the drama department of the same educational institution and organized a theater group mainly of fellow students. After the first production in the amateur theater, artists from other groups also appeared.

Post by: Rinna James