Tidy home: Habits to get rid of

An abundance of small items such as souvenirs, candles, and other things will not make your shelves look more beautiful.

Jul 18, 2022 - 16:58
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Tidy home: Habits to get rid of
Some people organize their clothes by color, while other people's clothes are constantly falling out of an overstuffed closet. Condiments are sorted into jars and labeled in some homes while trying to find another sock can become a pointless activity in other homes.
It is often a product of our habits, many of which we do not notice and consider harmless, and which turn our homes into complete and eternal lodges of disorder. Keeping things around you in order will also help you keep your thoughts in order. That's why we've compiled a list of things that many people do automatically, which in turn negates all their attempts to keep their homes neat and tidy.
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1. You store all possible jackets at the entrance to the apartment
The first thing that attracts attention at the entrance to the apartment is the collection of clothes hanging on some pegs in the hallway. It is necessary to sort the jackets and leave only those jackets that are suitable for the current season.
2. You keep jars of anything and everything in the kitchen 
Aromatic sauces and spices inspire people to create culinary masterpieces, but a multitude of jars and bottles, randomly placed on all kitchen surfaces, has never made any dining room look tidy.
3. You place all small appliances on the work surface
A pile of household appliances arranged in a row on the work surface creates the effect of visual noise. Any congestion of small objects looks chaotic and creates a mess, it is better to put them in a cabinet or on the kitchen shelves to designate a space for your small household appliances.
4. You keep pots inside other pots, hoping to save space
With a lack of free space in the kitchen, the owners desperately fight for every extra centimeter. As a result, they end up with piles of pots and pans on the stove. These "towers" only create a sense of clutter in the kitchen.
5. You arrange piles of souvenirs on open shelves
An abundance of small items such as souvenirs, candles, figurines, and other things will not make your shelves look more beautiful, but will create a visual disturbance. For example, wicker baskets and decorative boxes can hide wires, DVDs, and other small items from view. 
6. You don't have a special place for handbags and other accessories
It's important to think about storage systems that will help you keep all your accessories and won't leave any chance of clutter. After all, the random storage of bags, belts, and hats gives the impression of clutter.
Post by: Rinna James