Trifle - layered cake with sponge and strawberries

A dessert that will delight you

Jul 14, 2022 - 09:12
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Trifle - layered cake with sponge and strawberries

Trifle is a dessert that comes from Great Britain and is served in a transparent bowl in layers. Cookies and fruit are the main ingredients of this delicacy, and this creamy and sweet dessert delights absolutely everyone who tries it. We present you a recipe with strawberries, and we believe that you will enjoy it quite a bit. The preparation is quick and you do not need previous culinary experience. Simply put, this treat works for everyone and everyone likes it. Sweeten yourself after lunch or dinner and don't forget to serve your guests.

- 100g of fat-free cream cheese, softened
- 1 cup of fat-free vanilla yogurt
- 2 cups of fat-free milk
- 1 package of instant lemon pudding
- 2 teaspoons of grated lemon peel
- 2.5 cups of fresh strawberries, cut in half
- 1 tablespoon of water
- 300 g of sponge cake
Optional: whipped cream and additional strawberries

Whisk together the cream cheese and yogurt in a large bowl, then add the milk, dry pudding mix, and lemon zest and whisk until smooth. Blend 1/2 cup strawberries in a blender, along with a tablespoon of water, until combined.

Divide each sponge into three parts, then place one-third in a clear serving dish and top with one-third of the pudding mixture and half of the remaining strawberries. Top with half of the strawberry sauce, then repeat the layers. Garnish, if desired, with whipped cream and additional strawberries, then cover and refrigerate for at least two hours.

Post by: Rinna James