Twitter to remove 1.5 billion inactive accounts

It may seem excessive, but Elon Musk has pushed the elimination of 1,500 million inactive accounts to free up usernames, one of many methods to refresh Twitter and, in this case, to give the opportunity to those who use the site and must adjust to what is left.

Dec 12, 2022 - 07:39
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Twitter to remove 1.5 billion inactive accounts

Perhaps because of the statistic, it should be highlighted that Twitter is estimated to have 300 million active users globally, a minuscule figure when compared to behemoths like Facebook or TikTok, and one that does not correspond to the relevance and power of the little bird's social network.

However, what it has is one thing, and what it has had is another, hundreds of millions of users who have come and gone over the years, leaving behind identities that no one else can use, despite the fact that no one is using them, many of which are tied to organizations or individuals.

That will come to an end, though, as Elon Musk points out, they will proceed with caution, alerting people who have created these accounts in advance that if they do not reactivate them - that is, if they do not begin using Twitter - they will lose. Similarly, only "accounts with no tweets from years ago" will be erased. At least to begin with.

However, the step that Elon Musk is now announcing has precedents in Twitter's prior management. He was notified about the start of the deletion of inactive accounts at the end of 2019, but he quickly stopped those Twitter users whose behavior had a potential academic interest in the future out of respect for the deceased.

So we'll have to wait and see how the new administration, which is scrutinized in everything it does, mounts it to carry out this project. By the way, it's a natural approach for a social network centered on outward communication like Twitter, where the fastest, not the fittest, choose their username.

Of course, no exact timetable has been set for the implementation of this action, as is the case with practically everything that its new owner proposes. But then there's the proposition.

Post by Bryan C.