Watermelon: The Perfect Summer Treat For Your Skin

According to Koreans, watermelon is the best product for health and beauty.

Jul 8, 2022 - 14:25
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Watermelon: The Perfect Summer Treat For Your Skin

How did watermelon become a beauty ingredient?

Watermelon belongs to the same family of fruits as cantaloupe and pumpkin, and cucumber is something like a distant relative. So it's not surprising that recipes for DIY masks started replacing cucumbers with watermelon pulp. Korean grandmothers use chilled mash or thin, clear slices when their skin is burnt from long exposure to the sun, and their granddaughters treat acne in the same way. The effect is hydrating and soothing. And irritated skin recovers faster.

What are the benefits of watermelon pulp and rind?

Watermelon consists of almost 96% water. Hence it has enviable moisturizing properties. But it's not just about the water. The main superhero of the inner world of watermelon is citrulline. This amino acid acts as a mild exfoliant that is safe even in summer. Citrulline is helped by its partner - lycopene, a pigment that gives the flesh of watermelon a beautiful red tone, also carrying anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to this combination, watermelon has taken its place under the sun in the world of beauty.

What is the benefit of watermelon seed oil?

Light, low-fat butter is obtained from black watermelon seeds. It has a lot of vitamin E and fatty acids that rejuvenate the skin on all fronts: prevent and smooth wrinkles, lighten pigmentation, and dark circles under the eyes. The composition of the oil also contains vitamins A and C. They normalize damaged skin after exposure to the sun, wind, and even stress.

Can it be used for hair?

Yes, especially for fans of frequent coloring and shaping with hot devices. Watermelon oil softens and smoothes hair without weighing it down.

Is watermelon just tasty or is it also healthy for the body?

There is only 27 kcal per 100 grams in the watermelon pulp, and protein and fatty acids in the seeds, so even those who carefully monitor their weight can eat it. Athletes use citrulline sports supplements for their ability to improve blood circulation. In addition, it contains almost all the main vitamins and minerals, so feel free to add watermelon to your summer menu.

Post by: Rinna James