"Ginny and Georgia" trailer released

The second season of "Ginny & Georgia" will be available on Netflix on January 5th.

Dec 18, 2022 - 13:44
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"Ginny and Georgia" trailer released

Most teenagers have experienced an argument with a parent. Ginny's condition was a little more complicated when we saw her at the close of the first season of the hit Netflix series " Ginny and Georgia ".

It's one thing to argue with your mother; it's quite another to discover that she murdered your stepfather as a result of your actions.

Ginny and her brother flee from home in the last episode, while their mother Georgia boasts about what a beautiful and safe life they would have.

When the second season of the Netflix series begins, we find them in Zion's apartment, while Georgia (Brianna Howie) spends the night with Paul (Scott Porter) and lies about not missing her children.

However, as the trailer progresses, it becomes evident that Ginny will not be staying with her father for long, since both she and Austin are seen visiting Georgia's house, and mother and daughter even make murder jokes.

Could this entire ordeal bring them closer together in the end? Or will the truth eventually take its toll on Gina? And then there's the question of what Giorgia will do next: flee or kill someone else?

In the trailer for the second season, we see practically all of the characters from the first season, but there are also newcomers.

Ginny had mailed all of Austin's letters to his father, Gil, to his address the previous season, which shocked Georgia. When Austin says "Dad" to the mysterious man in the trailer, it's evident that more of Georgia's dark past awaits, and things are about to get very dramatic.

On January 5, the second season of "Ginny & Georgia" will be available on Netflix.

Watch the trailer:

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