HBO Max raises its price

HBO Max raises its price taking advantage of the premiere of 'The Last of Us'

Jan 15, 2023 - 08:49
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HBO Max raises its price

We're talking about the price rise for HBO Max, the first platform on the market to take this unpleasant step in the new year, though it won't be the last.

Indeed, HBO Max had already indicated that it would raise its fees, not because that is what all VOD services do, but because the firm had disclosed it. However, the growth was not expected to occur so quickly, nor before the conclusion of the merger of HBO Max and Discover +, which is scheduled for the first quarter of the year in the States.

For the time being, the growth in question concerns only the United States, but it is well known that what happens in Las Vegas if it is about collecting more, does not stay in Las Vegas. Not only that, but the increase in subscriptions that has just been offered is minor and appears to be a foreshadowing of what will happen if HBO Max and Discovery + merge.

In particular, the price of HBO Max will increase by one dollar, from $14.99 to $15.99 per month. The price of the ad-supported membership, which is now only available in the US market, stays unchanged at $9.99 per month. Yes, there are individuals who pay ten dollars for advertising-supported content...

Today, no quantity of subscribers can ensure profits. Not to mention the extensive restructuring of Warner Bros. Discovery, which is still ongoing.

Thus, all that remains is for HBO Max to extend the price rise to the remainder of the markets where the service is available. Except for those who took advantage of the launch deal and will pay half for the rest of their lives... Or until the platform changes when it adds the Discovery+ catalog and, as everything suggests, changes its name.

In any event, the date for the tiny increase in question was not chosen at random, as it comes just before the introduction of one of the platform's most anticipated releases for 2023: the adaptation of The Last of Us, the first chapter of which will air today on both the HBO cable channel and HBO Max.

Post by Bryan C.