Is it healthy to walk barefoot?

Walking barefoot has been proven to contribute to overall health

Aug 5, 2022 - 05:38
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Is it healthy to walk barefoot?

Did you like to run barefoot as a child? Have you been looking forward to the soft dew on the morning grass? If these questions revived good memories for you, you probably still enjoy them today, because it seems liberating.

Stories about the benefits of grounding, as it is now called, have circulated for centuries. The idea is that the closer you are to the Earth, the more Earth energy you can absorb through your feet. This may sound a bit frivolous, especially if we remember all the warnings not to be barefoot. We hear that we shouldn't walk on dirt, because parasites and bacteria or insects can penetrate the skin. There are also possible shards of glass or other sharp objects that could injure us. Despite these dangers, walking barefoot has been proven to contribute to overall health. Read below what scientists discovered happens in the body when we walk barefoot.

Discovering Earth's Energy

There is more and more evidence that we and other forms of nature have an energy field around us. Scientists are still discovering what positively and negatively affects our energy fields. For example, you may have heard that a nice word increases the growth and resistance of plants. The earth has its own energy field or frequency. There is a growing body of research supporting and proving that the Earth's electrons can produce a number of therapeutic benefits.

How do Earth's electrons contribute to health?

Health benefits include: reducing pain, improving sleep, thinning the blood, reducing inflammation, reducing stress and cortisol levels, relieving muscle pain, and improving the parasympathetic system (blood flow, breathing, blood oxygenation, heart rate).

In the studies, subjects were instructed to walk barefoot outdoors. Most of them reported major improvements in the parasympathetic system in as little as 30 minutes and positive results that included reducing stress and eliminating inflammation. In addition, walking barefoot helps with osteoporosis, diabetes, and thyroid problems, and improves the physical health of the feet.

Follow these tips

If you are not used to this, your feet can be fragile and prone to injury. Here are recommendations for relief:

In the beginning, take smaller steps to strengthen your feet.
Exercise your joints.
Try activities like yoga or pilates where your feet are bare.
First, try walking barefoot indoors.


So walking barefoot can be another way to improve our health while staying connected to the nature around us. Research has shown what happens to your body when you walk barefoot, and the results have been positive. Although more research is needed before any doctor can "prescribe" barefoot walking as a treatment, it is free. You don't have to wait for your doctor to tell you to try it.

Post by: Rinna James