Richard Gere enjoys day at the beach with wife

Famous American actor Richard Gere used to be one of the most desirable men in Hollywood. And while many beauties sighed after him, he had eyes only for her.

Jun 27, 2022 - 17:58
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Richard Gere enjoys day at the beach with wife

Richard Gere thought he was late and would never find true love, but in fact, it was once again proven that true love knows neither for years nor for the right time. Despite the age difference, he and Alejandra Silva share the same ideals, desires, and fantasies. Nothing could stand in their way and stop them from living the life of their dreams. The famous actor often speaks in public about a woman who changed his life and proved to him that youth can be prolonged when there is a person next to you who believes in eternal love.

Richard Gere met Alejandra when she was young. He borrowed a boat from her father to shoot a movie. Several years have passed since then, and then they met again and felt unstoppable chemistry, excitement, and joy. They started dating in 2014, and after four years, they had a private, secret wedding, with family and close friends. 

"Alejandra is a wonderful woman. I was so thrilled when she expressed interest in humanitarian work. She later got a job at a foundation that fights to eradicate homelessness in Spain. She simply inspires everyone around her to be better and to think of others!" says the famous actor.

Today, the famous couple enjoys love, and they often go on joint trips where they hardly separate. However, what many have noticed in the last few days is that Alejandra has changed a lot, and recently the paparazzi photographed her in a completely natural version while enjoying the beach with her children and husband.  Alejandra Silva is almost three decades younger than him, but that doesn't stop them from enjoying a harmonious and love-filled life.

The Hollywood heartthrob is so in love with the Spanish activist that he spends more time in her homeland than on the other side of the Atlantic. This summer, they decided on Formentera, the smallest island in the Balearic archipelago. They first set out on a cruise in the Mediterranean, and at some point, the actor got on a scooter and took his young wife across the vast sea surface.

Post by: Rinna James