Sex? Basic mistakes men make that simply drive women crazy

Feb 15, 2022 - 21:21
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Sex? Basic mistakes men make that simply drive women crazy

We all make mistakes, but, it is time for men to learn some things about sex!

Of course, we all think we are perfect, but sadly that is far from the truth.

There are some basic mistakes men make that simply drive women the wrong way. Here you will find some advice to turn things around and truly please your woman.

First of all, sex starts light-years before taking your clothes off.

Men usually look at sex as a physical thing, while for the woman it is in small talk, in sharing secrets, telling you all the things you don’t want to listen to while you can't wait for the sex to start. Well, guess what? Foreplay started hours before you noticed and it is in looking at each other and being close. Mentally, not just on top of each other.

Maybe men get turned on easily like they simply press a switch, but for women it takes time. Also, starting a fight over something insignificant does not help.

Boys get frustrated if they don’t get what they what as soon as they want it. Ok, we do understand it, but what boys don’t understand is that at that moment, women can not give them what they want. Why? Simply, they don’t have it...yet.

It is not enough to be close just in the bedroom. How can she be in the mood if her man did not touch her since the last time they made love? Being close is really in the small things. Hugs are important because she will feel safe. Small “accidental” touching is also essential. And, no, we are not talking about slapping her from behind while she is washing the dishes. Don’t be creepy. Show her respect, that will definitely do the trick. Trust is everything. Building trust is foreplay, and this is not just a line in the article. It is science. When she starts feeling safe, oxytocin will do the rest.

Now, when she feels safe and relaxed, you can go on. And no, it is not time to take your clothes off...not yet. Now it is time to seduce her. That also requires some patience.

So, we will talk more about that, tomorrow.