10 alkaline foods that protect against obesity

Ever since model Elle Macpherson revealed how she uses alkaline foods to get slimmer, there's been a craze for a list of these foods.

10 alkaline foods that protect against obesity

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Alkaline foods are believed to help maintain the body's overall health. If you want a slim body like Elle Macpherson, then include these foods in your diet:


Research has shown that a diet rich in this food ensures a drop in total cholesterol by 8.2%. In addition, avocado helps to neutralize acidic food in the stomach and contributes to the absorption of nutrients from fruits and vegetables.


Bananas contain two basic types of fiber: resistant starch (found in unripe bananas) and pectin (which helps prevent colon cancer). Ripe bananas contain vitamins and bases, balance blood sugar levels (thanks to iron that creates hemoglobin), and lower blood pressure (due to potassium).


Cauliflower surpasses other types of cabbage in terms of its content of useful substances. This vegetable contains vitamins C, A, B, and PP, as well as choline, which strengthens the nervous system and prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in the liver. Among the useful microelements, cauliflower contains calcium (which strengthens bones) and magnesium (which brings good mood).


Besides its pleasant taste, melon contains carotene (reduces the probability of getting cancer), fiber, as well as folic and ascorbic acid (strengthens the immune system and bone tissue). And thanks to the high content of vitamin C, melon makes our skin beautiful and healthy.


Grapes contain a large number of useful plant compounds, which can protect against certain types of cancer, and also lower cholesterol. A 16-week study of 38 men, who took 20 g of grape extract per day, showed that all had a reduction in blood sugar. Grapes contain calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus - elements necessary for bone health.


Cucumber is excellent for removing acids and toxins from the body. This vegetable, thanks to the flavonoids it contains, also expels free radicals from the body, the accumulation of which can lead to heart, lung, and autoimmune diseases. Cucumber is low in calories and can be safely included in many diets.


Quinoa contains more protein than other grains. This food provides our body with phosphorus (no less than most types of fish), iron (twice as much as wheat), calcium, fiber, and B vitamins, which participate in all metabolic processes.

Post by: Rinna James