How can breakfast help you lose weight?

Breakfast controls your appetite. If you wait a few hours after waking up to eat, your blood sugar levels can drop, and it can also affect certain hormones that stimulate hunger.

Aug 7, 2022 - 09:39
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How can breakfast help you lose weight?

When it comes to a balanced diet, and the ratio and number of calories we consume during the day, we all know the famous rule that you should eat breakfast alone, share lunch with a friend, and give dinner to an enemy... And while some may not fully agree with this thesis, most experts believe that breakfast is extremely important in achieving a healthier diet and losing extra pounds. Find out how below.

After a whole night without eating, our body needs fuel in the morning to start the day. For this reason, it is best to eat breakfast within two hours of waking up, as it supports a healthy metabolism. After a good and healthy breakfast, you will feel invigorated and full of energy, and in addition, a quality breakfast can eliminate hormonal problems, thus helping to maintain body weight.

How does breakfast benefit your body?

Breakfast controls your appetite. If you wait a few hours after waking up to eat, your blood sugar levels can drop, and it can also affect certain hormones that stimulate hunger. The consequence? Later in the day, you'll be very hungry to make up for the lack of calories you didn't eat at breakfast. And when you're really hungry, you're less likely to choose healthy options for lunch or dinner. On the contrary, you are likely to take in a lot more calories and fat than you intended, which will make it even more difficult to lose extra pounds.

If you skip breakfast, you won't get the nutrients and calories you need to start your day energetically. On the other hand, when your energy level is high, it will be easier for you to make more informed decisions and make healthier choices when it comes to meals later in the day, rather than reaching for the quickest and easiest solution in the form of pastries or fast food. This is very important in the long run since a healthy breakfast and a healthy diet reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and developing diabetes.

How to make a balanced breakfast?

Instead of reaching for a bowl of sugary cereal, a bagel, or white toast with jam, for example, choose wholegrain products – wholegrain bread and cereals are a better choice than white or refined because they're full of fiber, and keep you full longer and regulate your blood sugar levels. 

Experts advise that breakfast should consist of at least 20 grams of protein. This can be a smoothie of plain Greek yogurt, fruit, and green leafy vegetables, like spinach. Or opt for fresh cheese and fruit (one cup of low-fat fresh cheese contains 24 g of protein).

Another option is oatmeal. Make them by mixing them with low-fat or skimmed milk or yogurt, soy or almond milk, and fruit, spices, or nuts, then leave the creamy mixture in the refrigerator overnight - so in the morning, you will have a delicious and healthy breakfast in which you can you enjoy yourself without rushing.

Also, consider non-traditional breakfast options. There's nothing wrong with eating a leftover turkey or chicken sandwich from yesterday's lunch. A rich lentil soup, hard-boiled egg, chickpea salad, vegetable rolls, goat cheese, brown rice, or even a handful or two of mixed nuts and dried fruit are also good options.

Therefore, if you struggle with weight and at the same time skip breakfast, try to introduce this important meal into your daily routine, find a combination of healthy foods that suits you best, and enjoy the process of losing weight. The results will certainly not fail.

Post by: Rinna James